The Elkhart Lake Police Department currently has three full-time police officer positions. To learn more about these officers, simply click on their names.

Chief Meeusen

Officer Niemi

Officer Pringle

In addition to the full-time officers the department also has a number of part-time officers that help out during holidays, full-time officer vacations, the busy summer season, and boat patrol.

Officer Jody Booth - Serving since 2000

Officer Marcus Anderson - Serving since 2008

Officer Thomas Kultgen - Serving since 2009

Officer Paul Graening - Serving since 2010

Officer Kelly Sippel - Serving since 2012

Officer Robert Parks - Serving since 2013

CSO Amy Gross - Service since 2013

Dedicated to an active partnership with the community; striving to protect and improve the quality of life by listening and serving the people of Elkhart Lake with pride and fairness


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