Officer Scott Niemi
Police Officer Scott Niemi

Officer Scott Niemi joined the Elkhart Lake Police Deparment on February 24th, 1997. Scott is a graduate of North Western Technical College, holding an associate degree in Police Science.

Officer Niemi is currently our School Liaison Officer. He spends Wednesdays in the Middle School and Thursdays in the High School. While preforming his liaison duties in the Middle School, he serves as a DARE instructor to all 5th grade students. Likewise, all matters relating to juvenile activity are referred to Officer Niemi for investigation.

Scott currently resides in Elkhart Lake along with his family

If you would like to contact Officer Scott Niemi simply click on his name for email. If you do not have email capability, call the Elkhart Lake Police Department at (920) 876-2244.

A special thank you to Hameister Photography for assisting with photographs.


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